Financial & Business Management System (FBMS) ERP Support


Department of the Interior (DOI)


Under this contract, e-Source Technologies works with the prime contractor, Houston and Associates (HAI), a Raytheon company, to provide IV&V and Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) support for the FBMS application development. Our involvement includes reviewing project deliverables, evaluating processes implemented by the integration contractor, and conducting extensive quality assurance activities to prevent major problems after deployment.

About FBMS. The Financial and Business Management System (FBMS) is the cornerstone to the Department of the Interior’s future. It is key to the department’s financial management modernization strategy in meeting future business needs. The implementation of FBMS will allow the department to realize the benefits of common processes, a common technology platform, integrated real-time data, and improved operational decision-making. A SAP solution, FBMS is an ERP system that replaces multiple DOI back-office systems. This new implementation will service over 70,000 U.S. employees in four bureaus and six offices across DOI.

IV&V Services. e-Source Technologies independently reviews and tests system integrator (SI) performance against FBMS project objectives, and identifies and addresses quality issues early. Our activities include evaluating, monitoring, and assessing plans, products, and processes employed by the SI and other entities. By applying rigorous IV&V practices, we ensure that potential errors and latent defects are addressed before they result in costly, late-stage, life cycle fixes or long-term maintenance expenses.

ITIL Services. e-Source was tasked to conduct an ITIL assessment of the currently deployed FBMS IT infrastructure and processes and provided recommendations to strengthen FBMS system operations. Our ITIL report, which was well received by the DOI National Business Center (NBC), provided an objective and comprehensive assessment of the current IT infrastructure processes and services within the ITIL framework. It also presented a clear roadmap for achieving best practice level performance with ITIL across the national FBMS platform.