Technology Services

istock_000015050673xsmall (1)REQUIREMENTS ANALYSIS AND MANAGEMENT that leverage the latest tools and techniques for comprehensive traceability throughout the SDLC.

The e-Source Technologies Advantage

  • ONE-ON-ONE  working relationships to understand your business needs
  • INCLUSION of all departments and functions involved
  • CLEAR project goals based on your specific needs
  • ONGOING rigorous requirements analyses throughout project development
  • CURRENT technology: Rational Software and HP Quality Center

Our attention to detail results in a high quality system that meets or exceeds your expectations.

INDEPENDENT VERIFICATION AND VALIDATION (IV&V) that extends well beyond checklists and compliance reviews.

The e-Source Technologies Advantage

  • SPECIALISTS in industry-standard IV&V life-cycle methodology
  • PROFESSIONALS who are committed to your success at every step of the project
  • ABILITY to apply advanced IV&V techniques and approaches on a variety of project types
  • DELIVERY of results that make a difference
  • SMART application of IEEE, ITIL, and ISO standards as well as industry best practices

How can IV&V help you achieve your agency’s strategic goals?